KLIFOVET GmbH is a leading provider of national and multinational studies in animals in Europe and abroad. Our expertise ranges from small trials to multi-center, multinational studies for a broad variety of claims for both Companion Animals and Food Producing Animals including aquaculture and bees.

Studies are conducted to international standards: VICH GL 9 (GCP), GLP, ISO Standards and GMP where applicable.

Since 1997 we have conducted more than 300 studies testing veterinary medicinal products (including pharmaceutical, immunological, phytotherapeutic and homeopatic products) and feed and feed additives.

Our very experienced and trained Project Managers assist you in all aspects of the conduct of studies:

  • Study Design
  • Protocol Development
  • Obtaining Animal Test Certificates and Import Licenses
  • Site selection including Laboratories
  • Set up of Studies
  • Training of Study Participants
  • Monitoring of Studies including regular Site Visits
  • Independent Quality Assurance
  • Paper based or Electronic Data Capture (Studybase®)
  • Data Collection and Data Verification
  • Statistical Analyses and Interpretation
  • Final Study Report
  • Compilation of Master Study File
  • GMP compliant Contract Manufacturing

We offer these services for all kind of studies.


Contact Person

Dr. med. vet. Claudia Schneider Contact

Dr. med. vet. Claudia Schneider

Head of Clinical Studies, Certified Project Management Associate (IPMA Level D®), Certified Quality Manager (DAkkS), IQMA-TÜV Auditor; Six Sigma Green Belt

Collection of pathogens or Biological Samples

For pre-clinical testing of products or validation of techniques, biological samples or pathogens may be required. Contact us to provide microbial pathogens, parasites or serological samples in collaboration with our partners. With the implementation of EMEA/CVMP/627/01 and VICH GL27 marketing authorization of an antimicrobial requires sufficient data on susceptibility and resistance patterns of the target pathogens. Similarly, resistance monitoring is required for certain antiparasitics.