Global Product Development

Whatever the size of your project, we will manage it.

Global Development

Most Animal Health products are developed globally, with the EU and US being the most regulated markets.
Scientific data produced for the marketing authorizations in these markets can be used to expand to other regions e.g., South America, Asia, Africa, and Australia. The OECD and VICH are well-established initiatives, and their guidelines are recognized by the majority of the relevant markets. While further harmonization is ongoing, different regions provide different challenges. The implementation of a successful global development plan requires a knowledgeable team orchestrated by an experienced project leader. Whatever size of your project and territory, Klifovet will support you to develop your regulated Animal Health product or feed additive. (Link to “Target Industry and Products”)

Explained in detail

Your dedicated scientific project manager keeps the overview and takes care that all the little steps in the development remain focused on the final target – The registration of your product!

  • Set up of a Steering Board with all relevant stakeholders
  • Elaboration of a tailor-made development plan highlighting the expected costs and timelines for the development of the project, from status quo to marketing authorization
  • Implementation of the development plan
    • Budget and timeline control
    • Designing and implementation of meaningful studies for your registration in close collaboration with experienced and trusted Preclinical and Clinical Studies partners worldwide
    • A close collaboration with your in-house experts to make the development process as effectively as possible
    • Assuring regular Steering Board meetings with you - the client - for updates and decision-taking
    • Support by Regulatory Affairs experts
    • Pave the floor for a successful marketing procedure

Comprehensive, flexible, competent, and committed.


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Didier Peoc’h

General Manager, Head of GPD